Should socrates have broken the law and left prison

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Socrates and His Teaching

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For this really let me just make two quick perch about issue 4, which I think is the most important one, and putting the rest for follow-up discussion.

Should socrates have broken the law and left prison

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Should Socrates Have Broken the Law and Left Prison? ( words, 9 pages) Crito makes the case that it would be unjust for Socrates to remain in prison, but Socrates counters with the argument that it would be more unjust for him to escape. Socrates claimed that the life of inquiry is the only one worth living, and Plato goes so far as to have Socrates say that a philosopher is always happier than any other man, even if the philosopher is being subjected to torture or a similarly terrible fate.

Socrates: Should he have escaped prison? September 14, In issue 4, he argues that he made a decision to stay when he could have left, implying that he was a free agent with a choice in the matter.

does this not mean that the law has broken the agreement? And if the agreement is broken by one party, is the other party not then. The dialogue "Crito" recounts Socrates' last days, immediately before his execution. his friend Crito proposes to Socrates that he escape from prison.

In a dialogue with Crito, Socrates considers the proposal, because otherwise he would have broken the law to which he had obliged himself. All lawmakers have the feeling that their laws are final, that this law should never be broken.

Socrates: Should he have escaped prison?

This writer has heard these arguments at a trial in Brisk. [1] The dictator of Poland, Pilsudski, had accused a number of Polish politicians in court and charged them with trying to violate his dictatorship.

Should socrates have broken the law and left prison
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