Sheesha culture in pakistan

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The Killer Smoke—Sheesha culture in Pakistan

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List of Restaurants in Pakistan

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Kahani Pakistani - Tea Culture

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14 Popular Myths Pakistani Parents Tell Their Children

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Later, this primal force became less concentrated; dispersed throughout the city when shisha got big. Eventually shisha traded up and made it to Kohsar Market. Huqqah became ubiquitous; a primarily youth-based sub-culture grew around what now has a bad rep for being hazardous, “luring” the youth to ‘addiction’ and ‘depravity’.

50 Fascinating Facts About Indian Culture– from art, music and dance to architecture, cuisine, and religion– broken down by geographical regions. Tandoori chicken originated in Peshawar (part of modern-day Pakistan) Sheesha/Shisha Embroidery: Haryana.

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Re: Is Sheesha Haram? there were fatwas before saying it is makrooh, but as the health implication of smoking was seen ie causing cancer etc majority of fatawa have come saying it is haraam. many sheikhs changed their view to a stricter one in light of the science finding about it.

Pakistan Innovation Forum is the country’s first and only National Conference on Innovation and will be themed this year on #Reinvent Pakistan – an exploration of these diverse changes within. Sheesha bars and clubs are common in economically well-off quarters. Moreover, in posh areas, taverns and bars are very common.

This changing culture is actually a symbol of danger for the upcoming generation as it is promoting the disaster of social values and culture.

Sheesha culture in pakistan
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