Montessori s new education

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Timeline of Maria Montessori's Life

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Together at Last

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Montessori Philosophy

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Success! First Name. The Montessori Foundation, International Montessori Council, and Montessori Family Alliance website is an online resource for Montessori parents, educators, and friends. With over 25 years of articles, videos, webinars and access to Montessori thought-leaders, has the answer to all of your Montessori questions.

Montessori for Everyone was founded in early Our materials are now used in schools and homeschools around the world.

Maria Montessori

We are committed to providing Montessori teachers and parents with high-quality materials for every area of the classroom. Welcome to Summit Montessori Teacher Training Program. Judy and I have worked diligently across these areas – Infant/Toddler, Early childhood Education, and Lower Elementary to create a wonderful, quality Montessori education that is widely recognized throughout the United States.

Introduction to Montessori Education

The staff of any preschool program is the foundation of the school. We are proud of our staff and their dedication to the Montessori philosophy and the field of Early Childhood Education. There’s plenty of concrete learning and practical life activities.

At the higher levels, though, there tends to be more abstract learning. Classroom policies vary between Montessori schools.

Montessori s new education
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