Female representation in video games

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Representation In Video Games Part 1: Women In Video Games

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Female Representation in Video Games. Topics: Princess Peach, Video games occupied a large amount of my time as a child, and I found that the experience of playing largely nonviolent games was a cognitively stimulating exercise that increased my perceptual-motor.

Mar 05,  · Thanks everyone for reading and thank you to everyone who has made this article possible with your amazing responses on the best female characters for you, the worst female characters for you and just general comments on female representation in video games.

So why should video games represent female interests if the video game industry is dominated by males? I'm not being sexist, I'm a female myself, but if you want more female centered games, then females need to either make more video games or play more video games. Video games exploded in popularity in the early s and there have been female characters in video games ever since.

There’s Ms.

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Pac-man, Princess Peach from the Mario Brothers games, Lara Croft – the list is extensive. Together, we developed a survey to ask girls about what games they played and how they felt about female representation in games. But we also asked boys similar questions about gender representation in games and their feelings about girls who gamed.

Female representation in video games
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