Econ450 syllabus

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ECON 450 Advanced Economic Theory 1 - Honours (3 credits)

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Dr. Turner is incredibly knowledgeable on this material, one of those professors that actually makes you feel like you're in a college class.

The material is difficult to get accustomed to, but he gives you the exam question pool on the syllabus. Grading: Grading for the course will be based on two mid-term examinations, a final examination, and lab participation. Students are encouraged to share with the class examples of strategic situations they.

EconSP15 Public Finance: Government Spending Syllabus The Instructor: About me Name: Neil Bruce Bio: I am the Paul F. Glaser Professor of Economics and have been at UW since I received my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in ECON Contents-announcements past announcements: click here-links to class materials lecture materials: click here Syllabus__F16_pdf (98k) Takeshi Yagihashi, Dec.

A syllabus is a contract between the student and the teacher. It may be revised as needed. It may be revised as needed. SCHEDULE OF COURSE TOPICS AND READING ASSIGNMENTS Week 1 Ch Week 2 Exam I - Ch 5 and 7 (skip 6) Week 3 Ch Week 4 Exam II Ch Week 5 Exam III Ch.

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Econ450 syllabus
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