Divorce ethics

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Divorce in Islam

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do with frozen embryos after divorce?

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Marriage and Domestic Partnership

Roman Catholics believe that remarriage is a sacrament and that the vows cannot dissolve (under any normal circumstances) as God has acted as a witness to the marriage. Marriage, a prominent institution regulating sex, reproduction, and family life, is a route into classical philosophical issues such as the good and the scope of individual choice, as well as itself raising distinctive philosophical questions.

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Fundamentally it is either to divorce, which God hates (see Malachi ), or it is to lie. Regarding divorce, it is essential to recall the vow you made, which is very pertinent in exactly the case.

Second creation story - the story of Adam & Eve. Their sexual relationship made them "one flesh".

Why Does Gittin Precede Kiddushin? A Plea for Divorce Ethics

Jesus quoted this as a reason against divorce.

Divorce ethics
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Ethical Issues Today: Divorce and Remarriage