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The Human Body Project

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The Human Body Project

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Body and Soul: Applied Mathematics Education Reform Project

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Teslasuit is a full body haptic suit that let you touch and feel virtual reality, has full body motion capture, climate control and biometry systems. The Human Body project is an engineering design challenge that has students delve deeply into how the human body works.

As the students navigate the project, they will need to analyze the complex human body structure to determine how it functions (CCC Structure and Function*), before proceeding to attempt to redesign a body system.

Make sure to include the specific organs or parts of the system that are directly affected. 5. Presentation: Your team will present your diagnosis to a panel of health experts.

-Your information will be displayed on a Powerpoint slide. It will include the information in step 4 as well as a picture to visually represent the body system under attack.

Human Body Systems Project Page 1 of 7 Human Body Systems Project By Eva McLanahan Students will work in groups to research one of the eleven body systems as found in Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Modern Biology (). Research will focus on the structure and function of the major organs in the assigned body system.

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Body systems project
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